Why Choose Us

Dr. Jack Fisher is an Orthodontist with more than 25 years experiance in private practice.  In addition he is also honored to serve as a faculty member at NYU and other Orthodontic Residency programs. 

Dr. Fisher prides himself in the fact that he treatment plans each patient as if they were his own son or daughter.  It can be daunting to select a clinician, but rest assured Dr. Fisher will treat you right- with excellence.

Best Staff

We have the best orthodontic staff in the world, period.  Everyone here is like family, we function together as a team to accomplish our mission: to build you a beautiful smile.  Checkout the bios!

iPad Give-aways

We give away iPads, iTunes gift cards and other cool things on a regular basis.  Actually, you have to win the iPad…we always make a fun contest out of it.  Check out the latest contest here.  .

Paperless Office

The worst part about visits to the doctor are those ridiculous forms that must be filled out, the are annoying, redundant & a hassle.  Our office is paperless!  No annoying paper forms to fill out.  When you arrive at our office… you are handed an iPad to fill in your information.  It’s pretty cool.

Office Culture

There is a cafe with coffee, tea and spring water for your enjoyment.  In the waiting room we have an apple iMac computer for you to check your email or browse the internet.  You might even want to play Angry Birds!